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Welcome to the family!

At Mum’s Original™, our family of super foods is grown, produced and packaged with our “back to basics” philosophy in mind:

  • Our nutrient rich products are grown with care at our sustainable family owned partnership farms using traditional and artesian methods of cultivation and processing.
  • We consciously craft our natural and organic offerings in order to provide live and unaltered rich tasting food that feeds the body, mind and spirit.
  • Where possible, we grow locally using heirloom seeds with the best flavors and nutritional value.
  • We provide our line of superfoods without use of any man made toxins in the production nor in the farming: our products are non-GMO, and grown without herbicides or pesticides.
  • We are conscious of the importance of the entire cycle of food: seed programs which help to ensure that the best seeds are cultivated and grown; the soil quality and sustainability; pristine growing practices; how food is processed to ensure the natural benefits are properly maintained; and quality control standards and practices from seed to shelf.
  • Our dedication to ethical food production is consciously done to help protect our children’s future by accepting today’s responsibilities.

At Mum’s Original™, we embrace the simple and meaningful principles of our traditional past. By doing so, we ensure that these ancient superfoods maintain their delicious flavor and high nutritional value. So try some of our incredible foods today and make them part of your family's daily routine.


Mum’s Original™ | Super Foods for Super People
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