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Avena Quick Flake Oats

Avena Quick Flake Oats

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Proudly Canadian, our simple and super quick to prepare Mum’s Original Avena Quick Flake Oats are made from an exclusive variety that are tested three times before packaging to ensure they remain wheat-free (less than 5ppm gluten). Super high in fiber, our oats help keep you regular while reducing blood glucose and pressure levels, and also increase your immunity to name a few benefits. Providing you with a complete protein source, our oats help keep you feeling full for longer, a substantial source of crucial vitamins and minerals along with increasing your alertness and energy, in a natural and quick to prepare way.

♥ Wheat Free, Vegan, Nut-Free, Soy-Free, non-GMO


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Avena Quick Flake Oats

Made from a special variety of nutrient dense oats and full of fiber, whole protein and vitamins, our Mum’s Original nutty Quick Flake Oats are a perfect breakfast for anyone, even those on-the-go! They are really easy to use, and simple and quick to prepare. For those wanting a substantial healthy breakfast made easy, while leading a hectic lifestyle in today’s busy world, our Quick Flake Oats are a match made in heaven. With the added benefits of low gluten (5 parts per million!), we make it super simple for everyone to enjoy!

Our whole and chewy Quick Flake Oats make for a hearty breakfast with its high fiber content, keeping you full for longer while enjoying their delicious toasty and nutty taste. With an almost-not-there gluten level of 5 parts per million, our Quick Flake Oats makes a tasty breakfast for everyone to enjoy!


  • Use instead of high starch potatoes or rice, simply add in our nutrient rich Quick Flake Oats to stews and soups for a high fiber alternative.
  • Soak ahead with your favorite fruit and nuts for an easy and fast breakfast of champions – your bowels will thank you!
  • Easily add in to baking and cooking recipes such as cookies, energy bars, and oat cakes.
  • Add into bread making for a boost of fiber.
  • Add to meat or veggie loafs to add in fiber and bulk it up!
  • Use to make a hearty oatmeal or muesli for breakfast.
  • Use instead of bread crumbs when making meat or vegan loaf, meat burgers or vegetarian burgers.
  • Add in to smoothies for an exceptional bowel booster!

The possibilities are endless when it comes down to this nutrient rich grain…. It truly is an amazing superfood! Check out our recipe ideas for even more tasty options on how to use this awesome ingredient!


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