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Inner Mountain Rock Salt

Inner Mountain Rock Salt

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Our Mum’s Original Himalayan Inner Mountain Rock Salt is truly the salt of the earth! Untouched for millions of years, this crystal pink salt holds a huge array of minerals and elements that are needed for optimum health. Unprocessed natural salt, like our Rock Salt, is essential to the human body for the normal functioning of our metabolism, absorption of water and electrical communication between the cells. We literally cannot live without it! Finely milled, Mum’s Original Himalayan Inner Mountain Rock Salt is a superfoody’s delight as a pinch goes a log way!

♥ Gluten-Free, Organic, Vegan, Raw, Nut-Free, Soy-Free, Kosher, non-GMO


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Raw Himalayan Rock Salt

Our Mum's Original™ Himalayan Inner Mountain Rock Salt is derived straight from the inner Himalayan mountains of Pakistan. You may believe that salt is bad for you, but we actually need natural salt to live.

There is a lot of confusion over different types of salt and its effects, so let's clear up some of the mis-info:

Sea salt is refined salt that is made by evaporating the sea water in either outdoor flooded dams or in vats located in factories. The dammed waters often create a salt that is pink in color which indicates a bacteria that occurred in the water source.

Table salt is also a refined salt, which has been evaporated. After evaporation, table salt is recrystallized at the high temperature of 1200F which alters the minerals and the chemical makeup and alters the crystal structure. This alteration is recognized by our bodies as a foreign substance and our bodies try to eliminate it by using up cell water to neutralize it (hence why table salt causes bloating, gout and kidney stones). Table salt is made up of 97% inorganic sodium chloride, with the remaining 3% being anti-caking agents and cleaning agents used are toxic chemicals: fluoride, calcium carbonate, magnesium carbonate and aluminum hydroxide are added. Many table salts add in iodine as well as a means of marketing the benefits of their salt source.

Conversely, rock salt is crystallized minerals that have been highly compressed for over 250, 000 million years. It is completely raw with no heat or anything added in processing. The natural crystal formation remains in tact keeping it structurally pure: as it is colloidal in nature. This means that, unlike a table or sea salt, your body will recognize and absorb the minerals that are in it. Rock salt is 85% Sodium with the remaining 15% being made up of trace minerals and elements. Rock Salt has some natural iodine in it but it not a high source of it.

A good, uncontaminated quality salt like our Mum's Original™ Himalayan Inner Mountain Rock Salt, is actually very beneficial to your body and keeps it in its best maximum functioning mode - essential for both the autonomic and somatic nervous systems. Sodium is a vital component in the blood as it is needed to deliver nutrients to cells throughout the body. Healthy rock salt, actually helps the nervous system to send messages throughout the body and can help to controls blood pressure levels. Salt is also instrumental , in regulating fluid levels in the body. Without enough salt, the body becomes imbalanced, and certain functions are interrupted. These risks might involve heart failure, tissue swelling, muscle cramps and fluid retention.

Unlike sea salt, our Inner Mountain Rock Salt is uncontaminated without toxins or environmental pollutants. Our salt comes from a single source from the untouched and unpolluted heart of the Himalayan Mountains in Pakistan. It is derived without using mechanical devices, is hand milled and washed. A very bright pick color to begin with, it becomes more of a white color when finely milled.

Kosher, raw, gluten-free, vegan and hypoallergenic, our Mum's Original™ Inner Mountain Rock Salt includes all of the natural elements you need. So choose wisely your salt wisely and sprinkle your rock salt on! After all, it has been waiting for millions of years to join you and your dinner plate!


  • Sprinkle on meals to help with digestion.
  • Use in baking and cooking recipes.
  • Make a gentle salt body and face scrub to help exfoliate.
  • Use it to make a salt flush to cleanse and detoxify your body from the inside out.
  • Use in neti pots to clean out nasal passages and remove bacteria and ward off infections.
  • Add to baths for detoxification of your biggest organ - your skin!
  • Use daily as a salt gargle to remove oral bacteria and improve throat and mouth health.
  • Calm bee stings with it.
  • Use a pinch in cocoa, tea and coffee to improve flavor.
  • Use on stove top and ovens as a natural deodorizer and cleanser.
  • Wash veggies in salt water to keep from wilting and help remove bugs.
  • Add to boiled water speed up cooking times for pasta and veggies.
  • Add to warm water and use as a nail soak to heal brittle nails.

Check out our delicious recipes that incorporate our healthy Rock Salt into great tasting foods and for natural home remedies. Try one today to start experiencing the benefits of this rockin' salt!


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